I just saw two people hugging outside the church, leaning against a blue sedan. I suspect the two were clandestinely meeting since young adult group disbanded over an hour ago. As I biked past, he looked up and I dared not look back. What if it was Erick and Erica. He was married but not to her!

It’s been almost an hour and I can’t stop trying to revisit that memory. Trying to fill in the details. She was wearing a white shirt and dark shorts…was Erica wearing that tonight. I think it was her, I could tell she had dark curly hair like Erica. But young adults meets at a high school so it could have been two seniors meeting at a familiar spot for a late night rendezvous.

As I biked past and looked in their direction, he looked up. Or at least I think it was he. It could have been Britney now that I really think about it. Both Britney and Erick have short dark hair that is parted to the right…right? 17966488_727744254073101_4571642030775893190_o

I went out to eat at Chill-N with Tremblay, Becca, and Thomas. I’m worried isn’t going to follow through on his goal to becoming an ophthalmologist because he was rejected from medical school. Tremblay thought embarazado meant both embarrassed and pregnant. Proved her wrong with a quick Google search. She bought me ice cream though because I biked straight from young adult and didn’t carry my wallet. First time eating at Chill-N, they use liquid nitrogen and the ice cream comes out denser and more silky on the tongue.

I arrived quite sweaty, I felt a burst of energy going to see Tremblay. After all, I had returned the first few times to young adult in order to just see her. But she kept giving me the cold shoulder. Maybe she’s never dated. I could tell she fancies me because whenever I am speaking with Cassidy to sabotages, butts in, and turns to me as she walks away. It’s cute. She’s cute. She has a beauty petite body I would love to feel.

*Sidenote* Cami at lunch yesterday said, “It feels so weird when you touch me.” She had just asked me to crack her back. We were all sitting on the picnic blanket eating and instead, I stuck my finger in her armpit. Honestly, I think it was the second or third time I touched her body that was not her hands. *We’re back*

During our discussion on Jesus’ incarnation, I pondered living like Christ. My group kept bringing up how ‘some people don’t even go to church on Sundays’. Is that the measure of a Christian now? Sacrificing an hour to sit in a/c? I want to know how often do you open the Word of God. That is a clearer barometer of your zeal for having a relationship with God. Also, there is so much speculation about the spiritual self and the ways of the Lord, not enough opinions I hear are rooted in scripture.

I reheated ham, manicotti, and sauteed carrots and apricots for dinner while getting to Lvl. 56 on Final Fantasy Tactics. A game I have devoted almost 36 hours to since downloading it less than a month ago.

I spent most of my day at work starting and finishing the Hootsuite drip campaign for until 5/15/17 while listening to TJ Miller. Hysterical man! I relate so easily to his style of humor and I know I can replicate his silliness!

I went to lunch with Parker to Chipotle, ran into Gina. He’s such a sweet guy. Incredibly kind and well spoken, always listening to what appears to be a wide variety of music. His taste varies from opera to house and A LOT in between.

I woke up at 5, made an espresso and biked to the beach to which I proceeded to spin around, do some dips, and watch the sunrise. It took me only 20 minutes to bike there.

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