Big Ben, Burge, Jackie V. & Joel swung by. Threw back a few fireball shots, played miniature table tennis, challenged me and lost to a round of chess, and of course colored. I showed off my new didgeridoo and they pointed out I used toxic wax to coat the mouth opening. Yikes. Your humble writer is accidentally poisoning himself.

I made a birthday card for my grandfather with googly eyes and wrote, “I See It Is You’re Birthday”. Go easy on me, English is my first language. ( English is stupid video )

Samantha held a pool party for the 20s/30s group. I ran out to Target to pick up a speaker because what is a party without music?!?!?! Right. It’s NOT a party. So once again, in my life, I make the party. Frickin’ bring it up to level 11.

My friend Big Ben wants to be a food reviewer and I want to support him on his mission. Really because I understand what it will take and know it is a two man job if you want to do it right. Someone needs to hold the camera and I will willingly take a back seat to get a food blog off the ground.

I got to see Jackie again. She’s amazing, held together, pretty, breaks out into a Cuban character instantly that twists her torso, raises a hand in the air, lowers an eye lid, and speaks in broken Spanglish. It’s incredible to observe. My other friend Joel does a similar impression, not as well.

Helped Big Ben with his car. Called AAA for the second time. Had a beautiful encounter with the tow truck driver. I wasn’t on premises when he called, I should have told him I was on my way. When I pulled up, he called me out on it so I apologized. Then a few minutes later I apologized again and here is where the magic happened. “You don’t need to apologize twice. You already apologized and I already forgave you.” All this was done with love and I felt really good when he said it and felt even more bad for not mentioning I wasn’t on scene when he called. Jedi mind tricks.

We stopped at Funky Buddha on the way to the party. I broke a glass trying to make Big Ben laugh. Story of my life. Attempt something funny and end up shattering something. BUT HE DID LAUGH!!!

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