Hurricane BTW

So far as I know there is only the one. I looked at their website and only saw one location. Shame really. Because if they were everywhere, global hunger would be solved. Seriously, they give away free food all the time.

On their receipt, you fill out their two-minute survey and they will serve you THREE FREE CHICKEN TENDERS. No purchase necessary. That is a $4.50 value for walking through the door. I’ve taken advantage of this deal about a dozen times so far. I get the tenders grilled rather than the default fried and try to try new sauces every time.

I’m going to review the sauces next but for now, here is a review on the establishment and those that work there.

It is a great launchpad for a meal and show. Across the street is a Ferrari dealership which is really a museum w/o an entrance fee. I’ll get back to Hurricane BTW b/c I share the glory that is a supercar. Ever drive a 600-hp supercar? You can. Walk in, ask, “What do I have to do to drive that car today?” And then go through the motions until you’re in the driver seat with the key in hand. Speak only with Scott Marks. I told the front desk attendant that I’d like to speak with a sales associate and Scott first walked right passed me. I put my beer down and shook his hand, literally. He asked how he could help, I said, “That Porsche GT3RS outside. I want to drive it.” My balls were bulging out of my LoudMouth golf shorts. And in five minutes, I sternly pressed my way into the driver seat. I floored it on Federal Hwy and got it up to 75 at the top of second gear. Dreams do come true.

Back to chicken that literally changed my life. Because of Hurricane BTW, I can now have protein nightly, without paying for it. Such a blessing America is! God is good all the time.

The sauce bar has been disheveled half the time I’ve been there. I don’t know if the sauces should be kept cold but some are and some are not, slightly troubling…I asked if their chicken was organic, and the best response besides ‘I don’t know’ was, “Man, it’s just chicken.” Thanks, didn’t know that buddy. Buddy with the hair net under his beard like a hair hammock. Boom.

There is a lot of room in the back and really big flat screens. Seems cool but I never see it very busy which leads me to think, they’re just not doing a great job marketing their business. Recently a FSI about an app you can download for a free item appeared. Stealz. Is it a bad or good sign when an app appears? Especially when the app isn’t too popular. So I downloaded it, took a photo with my phone, and got a free side of fries.

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