First Fortnight at Insperity

Networked through a business MeetUp group at Public House. Decently cool, met a dozen interesting business professionals. Then went to my first ToastMasters afterwards and I immediately was enthralled. I HATE poor public speakers but everyone in the group tried their hardest to be persuasive, clear, and eloquent.

I joined the TowerClub in my building which grants me access to 1/2 off meals, waived fee for using boardrooms, preferred access to golf courses and other country clubs across the country.

Basically, I will be in training for the next 7 weeks. Fly out to Houston, learn the services inside and out. I’ve begun booking appointments at the TowerClub and Foxy Brown. I’d love to get in front of Eliot Wolf, the owner of the Be Nice restaurant group.

There are a lot of projects on the horizon, I want to pivot towards video marketing. And I’ve broken it up into three campaigns. 1) What’s your drive? 2) Limelight 3) Insperity: Putting the PEO Back in People … I’ll flesh these out as the weeks progress.

Very excited about the upcoming networking events, developing relationships with various business owners from across South Florida. I’ve actually been practicing handing out my business cards in the mirror.

First Toast Master’s Group. Meets every Wednesday from 7 – 830 at Broward County Convention Center.
Biz to Biz networking at Public House. Great events can be found nightly on MeetUp
Here’s a hidden gem. The Fort Lauderdale library. 8 floors of absolute goodness. A shame it is flooded by the homeless in the courtyard, my heart goes out for them.
A gem within a gem. A gallery of local artists, such beauty!
Big cajones!
Communication development game. My team communicated the path to take through the maze of red solo cups. I knocked four over.
Foxy Brown’s crab cake BLT! So good. With chili sauteed green beans.
Big shout out to Toro Cold Brew and Pipeline. Without them, I wouldn’t be as productive as I am.
Day 1 happy hour. I was told salesmen like to celebrate but within the first five minutes they discussed where they wanted to have drinks. Morton’s Steakhouse.
Old fashion. Whiskey. Bitters. Sugar. Orange peel. Ice.
Slamming salmon at Royal Pig.
Day 1 at work. 28 floors up in the Tower Club. Carpe diem.

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