Here We Grow Again

Plant puns here we come.

Sowing roots in Fort Lauderdale is killer. Fortune 500 salary but salads for me. Eating healthy, living lively, and acting childly is stupid.

What was I saying, oh yes! 14 days green at Insperity. A $3B company that holds heavyweight titles like coolest employee, Michael A. Buonaiuto.

Insperity + Superlatives = Insuperlatives … an insuperlative is an Insperity term for an internal acknowledgement of an employee, an award, incentive, or recognition of a talented individual’s accomplishments are awarded. 

Here’s where I work.

One Financial Plaza
First Baptist puts on incredible Christmas pageants. Just a stones throw from my office. I wonder if I can watch it from my window, in August.


And here are my neighbors.


Business lesson by Andy. Salesmen go through shoes almost monthly. You have to grind it out, pound on the pavement, cut your teeth.

I took Andy out to lunch as I had taken others out to lunch. But Andy seemed to know more about what I do than I do. At least, he has so much experience in sales. He is a equity partner at Kaufman Rossin, so yeah, he’s the hob and I’m nobin’ him.*

The importance of appearance.

Walk into a room. What is more important, for people to see you or hear you? I concur that sight over all other physical senses, is best. As a vain vindictive villain to my own wellbeing, I’ve voraciously hurt myself in doing so. Both emotionally, physically, and as I worry, spiritually. A spiritual wound is not so easily healed. OR IS IT?! (Point to the sky)

More money than a Sicilian villain. Moxie. Amoxicillin toxins.

“Wear a collared shirt, slacks, and tie. A man only needs a belt is his pants are improperly fitted.” -Not Verbatim Quote from Sean

BeFunky CollageI’ve worn ties many times. I enjoy wearing nice clothes and don’t mind a tie all night. Get me sweating and that’s another story. Cause if this cats ganna dance, y’all better watch out this purr is roaring. Yeah, I know that made no sense but this is the interwebs where there are no rules. Except everything is permanent and privacy is fictional. This is my SSN 245-12-3592 go wild. Do your worst. I’m talking credit cards stacked so high the fan won’t spin. Debt so deep it makes the Mariana Trench look like Mariana (my friend who is really pretty and not an underwater crevice home to the abyss.) (I also can’t stand grammar mistakes so if you see any please let me know.)

Using red cups as landmines, our team had to guide us safely through the mindfield. I knocked four cups over, thank you very much. Tim knocked one. And even the woman with planters fasciitis knocked over a cup.

I’ve also been attending many happy hours. Insperity is cool. They incentivize to develop and foster relationships in the community and with business owners. When that sinks in and my mission is clear, I get goosebumps.

Some meals I masticated.

*Hobnob from hobnobben meaning the haves and the have nots. The lucky plebeian rubbed elbows with royalty and hobnobbed at the swanky soiree.

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